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    Enjoy Interesting Poems
    Have fun while reading our poems
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    Enjoy, Read, Learn
    Poems to keep you busy and entertained you can easily select any color and preview the results.
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    Poems for every child
    Happy children, read interesting peoms and answer questions
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    Enjoy, Read, Learn
    Poems to keep you busy and entertained
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    Poems for every child
    Poems to keep you busy and entertained

Interesting Poems

Very interesting poems to keep your children engaged throughout the holidays.


Very educative poems to brighten the thinking process of your children in literature.

Questions & Answers

Ready-made questions and answers to challenge your children's assimilation for fun and learning.

Some snippets of our poems


About Wisdom Childrens Books

content_img_1 My name is Mr Ike.
After my masters education I taught as an educator for grade levels 4-12 grade including middle and High School for over 15 years During these years I noticed some areas that needed help especially with the children commencing learning. It is that which motivated me to write this book.
This book on poems creates focus,and thinking, as well as the ability to apply what they learn to any other areas of subject curriculum. With the advent of internet cell phones and its introduction in schools,the poems can also form group discussions learning. Finally,the grade levels 4-12 are foundational to future learning and the poems are designed to stimulate their thinking as they grow.I still remember the interesting such books of my growing 4-12 grade. I know you do too. Questions and answers will be developed as they read.This will depend on who is guiding the reading:. school teachers, caregivers and whoever watches the children. I look forward to your enjoying the book ..Tomorrow Leaders for 4-12k. Thank you.
Ikegwuionu Paschal, MPH,MPC,Education 4-12.


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Fun Learning
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